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Codename:Orthodox game engine is a set of tools for the development of 3D games, 2D games and other software. It is written in C++ and it is designed to be portable, fast and robust. Here is the list of currently supported platforms. Both Direct3D (part of the DirectX collection) and OpenGL (open cross-platform standard) graphical APIs are supported. Default shading language is NVIDIA Cg. In Direct3D 11 mode shaders are compiled using HLSL compiler. Fixed function pipeline (FFP) is also supported. Engine package includes C++ libraries for compiling and linking, powerful landscape and motion editor (MapEd) which can also convert files into engine's native format (X3D), a utility to pack media content archives and other useful tools.

With Codename:Orthodox game engine you can create (for example) these types of games:

  • First person shooter (FPS)
  • Role-playing game (RPG)
  • Strategy game
  • Simple casual game (usually 2D without shaders)

And of course you are not limited to this list. Engine SDK will eventually include examples of each game type, and there will not be just simple "plane-box" samples, but complete rich games.


Codename:Orthodox game engine is free for non-commercial games. If you are going to use the Codename:Orthodox for any commercial purpose or in any way that is not specifically authorized in the end-user license agreement (EULA), you must agree to appropriate commercial terms. For more information see the License page.

For developers

Swiborg in Province
Swiborg in Province

This wiki is some form of online engine documentation. Every aspect of the engine should be highlighted here.


Codename:Orthodox game engine uses many powerful middleware solutions. Here is the full list of libraries and tools. All of them are free and some are open-source. There is also a setup package you can use to install them all at once.

Engine documentation (for programmers and others)

Learn how to use the framework, write code, manage resources and other stuff.

  • Getting started. (First steps, guides, lessons, how-to's, tutorials).
  • Reference. (Complete technical data, terms and definitions, raw articles).

MapEd documentation (for level designers, animators and others)

MapEd is a map editor, which you use to create maps/levels for projects that use this engine.

  • Getting started. (First steps, guides, lessons, how-to's, tutorials).
  • Reference. (Complete technical data, terms and definitions, raw articles).

List of games and other software that use Codename:Orthodox engine

You can find the list here.


Swiborg in Province

Gulman 2 Official website

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